Core Areas

Team Coaching

Providing a dynamic and interactive opportunity to learn more about each other, share best practice and think deeply about what the team needs to do to excel in their business area.

We use a systemic approach to ensure the team does their best work – together. We work with our clients to develop a clear set of objectives that will deliver against the business needs.


• Quickly breaks down barriers that may exist in a team, using thinking partnerships to build relationships based on trust.

• Increases alignment and clarity on team goals, ensuring all members are working towards a common purpose. Too often we see teams with the wrong focus. Many have not aligned on what they want to achieve together before diving into the action of how they will achieve it.

• Aligns the team on their ways of working and behaviours.



“With the support of TPA, we have been able to lead a cultural transformation across 3 countries and multiple cross functional teams in the last 18 months. We’ve created a single culture, shared ways of working and outstanding business results. TPA has worked with me personally, my management team and the senior cross-functional leadership team helping us to collectively lead our business success…..TPA are, I believe, quite unique in their ability to combine deep business understanding with leadership and organisational development. It has been an inspirational journey that we look forward to continuing”.  FMCG – General Manager