Coach Yourself to Success

Coach Yourself to Success


Tom wrote Coach Yourself to Success to give anyone with professional responsibility access to the advantages of coaching. It offers the reader the technical and practical tools of an executive coach whilst encouraging the reader to investigate and evaluate how they can apply the book to their own lives and careers.


“No matter how high-octane your performance is already, this book will raise your game another notch. A potent tool, full of great ideas for anyone with professional responsibility”


Elizabeth Littlefield, Former Director of The World Bank Washington DC


“My career in football has left me in no doubt of the value of coaching. Executive coaching provides the same value to the business community. Tom’s book will help you get to the top of your league.”


David Dein, Former Vice Chairman Arsenal Football Club

Coach Yourself to Success
Coaching Cards


To be used individually or with a coaching partner, these cards are designed to help you think through a particular problem or work towards a specific goal in much the same way you would do with a personal coach. Incorporating The Preston Associate’s tried and tested Trilogy QuestionsTM format (What, How, Who/When), these cards guide your unfiltered thoughts into a structured action plan.