Core Areas

Organisational Insight Reviews

TPA offer Organisational Insight Reviews (OIRs) through a combination of confidential coaching interviews and/or online surveys. The OIR can be conducted as a standalone intervention but is best used as preparation in mapping optimised and complete coaching journeys.

Tailored to address the specific context, through the OIR we generally aim to achieve the following objectives:

Objective 1:

Gauge the current ‘thoughts and feelings’ in the organisation regarding the business strategy (clarity, alignment on priorities…) and the organisational drivers and barriers of success (Governance, roles & responsibilities, structure, capabilities, performance standards, processes…)

Objective 2:

Gauge the current state of the business culture – which leadership attitudes and behaviours and ‘ways of working’ are prevalent both explicitly and implicitly, which symbols and processes are seen as integral to culture. How are these helping or hindering the implementation of the growth strategy?

Objective 3:

Capture feedback/ insights on the C-Suite leadership and performance as a team.

Objective 4:

Use the opportunity of the interviews to facilitate a ‘growth mindset’ and create buy-in and readiness for change.


TPA always collate findings in a thematic way in order not to breach confidentiality and present a full overview to our clients.