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At The Preston Associates (TPA) we are always looking to attract the best Executive Coaches to our team. If you fit the criteria below, please be in touch so that we can arrange an initial phone call to see if you could be right for us and we for you:

You may already be an Executive Coach who would rather work in a dynamic team. If you are already an Executive Coach, you will hold an academically accredited (Post Graduate) qualification in Executive or Business Coaching.

Or you may be thinking of becoming an Executive Coach as a career change – based on your deep business experience and your proven ability to develop people in business contexts. If you are not yet an Executive Coach, you will be willing to go through academic accreditation.


Either way, as a professional, you will have:

. Significant business experience having held senior leadership roles in successful businesses

. Deep business (cross-sector) understanding and curiosity together with a profound interest in people, their professional roles and how they can succeed within business systems and organisations

. Significant contacts and supporters in a wide range of businesses with whom you have credibility both for your business acumen and your ability to develop people

. Experience developing and managing client relationships at senior levels

. Demonstrable public speaking ability

. A proven track-record as a team player and influencer – and you wish to continue to work in and with teams

. The ability to work in an environment that is deeply self-determining, empowering and yet collaborative.

As a person, you will have:

. An open and warm style which allows your intelligence to shine through

. Characteristics that clearly show you are flexible, trustworthy, generous and fun

. Strong communication skills together with the ability to resolve conflict

. The wish and ability to continuously learn

. A solution oriented mind-set that is enthusiastic, realistic and motivating to yourself and others

. Active listening skills

. The ability to travel and show cultural sensitivity

. Good self-management that demonstrates strong reliability and responsibility.


As one of the leading Global Executive Coaching firms, TPA and our clients have very high expectations of our Executive Coaches. In return, we offer an environment that is highly collaborative, very empowering yet consistently supportive, is deeply invested in the success of each of our Executive Coaches and which is, more often than not, a lot of fun to work in!

Please send us your CV if you think you fit the above criteria and would enjoy working with us. If we think that your CV demonstrates what we are looking for we will contact you to arrange an initial telephone call to better get to know each other.

[email protected]

Please note: All our Executive Coaches work exclusively with TPA in their capacity as coaches, even if their careers incorporate other portfolio aspects outside of coaching. We do not work according to a loose “associate model”, where coaches may work with several coaching firms, despite our name. This is due to the fact that we invest considerably in the expertise of our Executive Coaches – including frameworks, ways of working and IP that are exclusive to TPA.