Brian McKeon


As a coach, Brian shows up authentically and makes a lasting impact on his clients through his steady presence. After working on a trading floor for over 25 years, Brian appreciates the force of calmness which is a powerful aspect of his own coaching style. Ultimately Brian's coaching is about action, and he will co-create steps with his clients to achieve their most ambitious goals. Brian keeps his clients accountable to their game plan with compassionate support. making sure they stay focused on transformation.


Brian has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry working at firms such as Citigroup, Deutsche Bank Prop Group, Peak6 / Achievement Asset Management, RBC, and TD Securities.

As a senior member of teams across asset management, investment banking and capital markets, he has deep insight into the drivers of success and the leadership strategies that work successfully across different organizations.

His experience spans institutions of various sizes across different countries that present contrasting complexities and market structures.  A considerable amount of Brian’s career has been spent as a research analyst in which he developed strong relationships with senior management teams under his coverage.

These relationships provided Brian the opportunity to coach management teams on leadership effectiveness, organizational development, and financial performance.   Given Brian’s natural connection to coaching, he regularly acted as a coach and mentor across his organizations.  Brian is drawn to the opportunity to explore people’s core values and how that could resonate into a more fulfilling, effective career

Education, Qualifications, Professional Memberships

• Leadership & Performance Coach Certification, Brown University & ACT Leadership
• M.B.A, NYU Stern School of Business
• B.A. Lafayette College
• Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
• Team Diagnostic Survey Foundational Practitioner


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