TPA Podcast #1 – How is the civil unrest in Hong Kong affecting business?

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For decades, Hong Kong has been one of the world’s most prosperous and peaceful centres of business, enjoying links with the biggest economies in both the Western and Eastern hemisphere. However the past 12 months have proved challenging for business and society alike. At the time of recording, there have been over 75,000 cases of coronavirus reported in the region, with close 2,000 people losing their lives to the epidemic. The spread of coronavirus has exacerbated the growing unrest with Hong Kong’s establishment, with pro-democracy campaigners still taking to the streets to demonstrate against the local, and central Chinese government. With so much in flux, how has business in the region fared? How can leaders regain trust, when civilians are so disenfranchised with the establishment? Catherine Eidens and Nadine Slater from TPA share their experiences in living and working with leaders in Hong Kong.


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