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Last week TPA met with senior HR representatives from the industries of sport, fashion, automobile, media, chemicals and machinery at The Four Seasons in Shanghai. 


The breakfast event was designed to not only share our recent market and leadership insights, but also to introduce our two newest members of the TPA team in Asia – Ian Hughes and YQ Jiang, who both join as Executive Coaches in Shanghai.

Ian Hughes
YQ Jiang 

We kicked off with an interactive workshop, where the group was introduced to some of our key coaching tools and each attendee got to experience a 1:1 coaching conversation with a TPA Coach.

“The opportunity to experience the coaching tools and techniques first hand was really invaluable. I have a much better appreciation of how powerful it can be, and got to go home with some personal insights – which I wasn’t expecting! ”

The second half of the event allowed us to share some of what we’ve learnt since opening our Asia office 2 years ago. Cathy Wen, another of TPA’s Executive Coaches based in Shanghai, shared these insights:


“Among the various global coaching trends we see, there are 3 that are particularly relevant for this region:


1) The demand for executive coaching is increasing across industries and markets. The key driver behind this is that change has become the new norm and the pace of that change is faster than ever. To cope better, organizations need to engage people with purpose and meaning. Money alone is no longer a sufficient motivator.

2) When being briefed on the 1:1 coaching engagements, we’ve found that the need to…
a) improve leadership skills
b) increase collaboration and engagement levels
c) lead through change
…are the most crucial development areas for today’s leaders.

3) We’ve also seen a clear increase in the demand for team coaching interventions. More companies are investing in team coaching – it not only makes better economic sense, but it also enables them to:
a) become a high performing team
b) develop high levels of trust between the members of the team
c) make breakthroughs in strategic meetings that drive business performance.”

YQ and Ian join Rainer, Cathy and Catherine in supporting our clients in the Asia Pacific region and in response to the growing demand for Executive Coaching services.

Cathy Wen
Rainer B Schmitz


Catherine Eidens

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