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C O A C H I N G . Through coaching high potential teams and talented individuals who work in many of the most successful organisations in the world, and our own CPD and supervision, our coaches are some of the most experienced and highly skilled Executive Coaching Consultants in the UK, Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  Our coaches are academically trained and university accredited to postgraduate level. And as significant as their coaching pedigree is their business acumen. They understand the challenges of leadership and leading because they have all been leaders within significant organisations.


L I S T E N I N G . While there is no single right methodology for coaching, we believe that the essential tenets of listening and asking great questions are what every coach must continually strive to master.


Q U E S T I O N I N G . To achieve excellence in Executive Coaching, our coaches support their clients drawing from a toolbox rich with knowledge, business expertise and leadership experience – all of which are underpinned with psychological tools and techniques.


S U P P O R T I N G . As Executive Coaches, we deliver two additional key capabilities; the art of aligning organisational objectives with an individual’s goals and the capability of delivering return on investment.


a word from Tom Preston

“Simply put, our aim is to be the best executive coaching firm for our clients. Our privilege is to help businesses and their people to improve and develop as professionals, individuals and as teams. Our gift is sharing the unique power of coaching – facilitating our clients to reach their full potential. Our reward is doing something that allows us to enjoy these remarkable journeys with our clients. Our success is your success. We look forward to working with you.”

Tom Preston

Founder, The Preston Associates

Author, Coach Yourself to Success™ and The Coaching Partner Cards™