TPA Podcast #4 – Intro to Coaching In Action

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Finding the time and space to think strategically is challenging when faced with global, prolonged uncertainty. While Covid-19 has changed the pace of life, remote working, home-schooling, ‘Zoom’ fatigue and the added anxiety around finances and job security has provided further hindrance.


Coaching can prove a vital aid by providing a trusted confidant with whom you can talk through challenges or ideas to gain clarity. Of course, high level executive coaching is not readily available for the majority of the working population.


This is where Coaching In Action comes in. TPA CEO Tom Preston joins the podcast, to discuss the reasons for launching Coaching in Action, the methodology behind it, and the benefits of using the virtual coaching software to think through our burning questions.



The TPA Podcast – Executive Coaching Specialists · #4 – Coaching In Action
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