What We Do

1:1 Coaching

Executive Coaching provides time to think. Crucially it offers space away from the office with complete confidentiality to explore important issues and enable strategic and Leadership breakthroughs. Each Executive Coach at TPA wants to understand you as a person, your particular role, working within a business system. Working in the three interlocking areas of person, in role, in system is our foundation for coaching, whatever the presenting topic may be.

“Coaching was a bit like visiting an art gallery! At the beginning I wasn’t sure if there was anything in it for me…Like an art gallery we took a look at many different paintings. I explained what I saw and my conclusions seemed rational and logical. However, in our individual sessions he made me see the paintings differently. “Look closer”, he said, and I did and saw things differently. He is a true ‘awakener’. I thoroughly enjoyed our inspiring conversations and I reflected on many facets of my leadership style. I have changed a lot since then and am very grateful to have met such a wonderful coach.”
MD Barclaycard