TPA’s 2021 Review


Tom Preston, CEO


On a personal note, I and the whole TPA team would like to wish you and those you care about a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. We continue to hope that the world becomes a safer, healthier and greener place in 2022. And we would like to thank you all for your support and partnership during the past year.


As a valued stakeholder, we would like to share with you our report on 2021 and our first thoughts for 2022.



2021 In Review 


Adaptability, resilience and “going with the not knowing” seem to be the key words of 2021. Perhaps coupled with responsibility: towards our planet, towards transparency and integrity, towards our communities and colleagues. TPA has been focused on how best to support our clients and our people throughout the year.


We have noted some real changes in client needs over the past year:



1. Great leadership is needed and expected now more than ever.


• Leadership skill requirements have expanded dramatically. Leaders remain responsible for clear strategy, engagement and performance but can also now add employee wellbeing, fun, the ability to facilitate both professional and personal bonding of teams and individuals and the creation of real purpose to their list. Being a “team coach” is now a core leadership expectation. And not many yet know how to deliver on all of those expectations.


• Flexibility and agility are competencies that grow in need, opportunity and challenge at the same time. Leaders have less chance to control as people work flexibly, so influencing skills across multiple mediums has become essential.


And in terms of sectors we particularly note:


• Technology continues to face the challenge of “humanizing digital” – in product, use and as an enabler.


• Financial services tackle low interest rates and cost control.


• FMCG is looking at the spectre of inflation for the first time in a long time.


• Renewables abound with opportunity but need commensurate talent access.


• Logistics remain a huge challenge for almost everyone.


• We also commend the scientific and health care communities for showing us that the impossible is sometimes possible if we really set our minds to it!





2. Coaching really matters


• More than ever Executive Coaching plays a defining role in the development of leaders and teams and is now more flexible than ever in how it can be delivered.


• That coaching enhances business performance through nurturing better leaders is, we believe, finally a fact rather than our opinion.


• At TPA we have opened our presence in more cities than ever (we now cover four continents) yet remain committed to our “coaching without borders” approach. Without being restrained by geography we are able to match the most suitable Executive Coach to the client based on need and best fit.


• And we have had the honour of working with more clients from the broadest range of sectors in 2021 than in the rest of our almost twenty-year history.





3. Taking our own medicine


• Like our clients, we too have had to deal with much of the above. We have taken a highly flexible approach with many of our team working from locations that work best for them.


• We continue to embrace all the technologies that help us be flexible internally and externally with clients.


• We use team coaching wherever we see the need in our own teams and we take time to build proximity wherever our people are and to share knowledge and best practice generously.


• We have the privilege of welcoming a number of new extremely talented executive coaches to TPA to further enhance both our client offering and our culture.


• We still know that maintaining connection, personal relationships and supporting each other personally and professionally has been critical to preserving and enhancing our culture. I would like to thank our whole team, including some exceptional new members, for exemplifying our TPA Behaviours: Trust, Generosity, Flexibility and Fun.





2022 – some insights into the year ahead 


1.We seriously hope that our 2022 global off-site in June will happen – we need to be together, to share together and to have some fun together!


2.We will continue to selectively grow our hand-picked team of Executive Coaches, focus on continuous improvement and enhance our culture and the support of our people.


3. We are actively preparing to respond to an expected increase in demand for our core services as well as broader leadership programmes, diversity and inclusion drives and the ever-growing ways in which coaching can help businesses to optimise.




We look forward to working with all our stakeholders during 2022 and wish you all a safe and fulfilling year ahead.



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