TPA PODCAST #8 – Building effective relationships in a virtual world

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Building relationships is an integral part of our working lives. Knowing what makes our closest colleagues tick, how they like to receive feedback or criticism, or even what their biggest bugbears or pet hates may be, are little nuggets of information that form the basis of an effective partnership.


Of course, how we build those relationships has profoundly changed. Water cooler chats and end of meeting natters, have been replaced by zoom meetings and slack messages. For many of us, we haven’t even met partners, clients, or colleagues in the flesh, conducting our working relationships entirely in the virtual realm.


How has this made relationship building more difficult? Have the heightened emotional stakes of the Covid-19 pandemic actually made us more open with new contacts? And what does this mean for peer-to-peer networking?


TPA coaches join Christian Cullinane and Michelle Bramley join the podcast to discuss how they’ve been advising coachees that have struggled with this phenomenon, and how we can forge successful connections in our new working reality.




The TPA Podcast – Executive Coaching Specialists · #8 – ‘Building effective relationships in a virtual world’


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