TPA PODCAST #7 – Feedback for Performance

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The giving and receiving of feedback is a necessary part of our working lives. It’s also something that the majority of workers welcome, a 2017 study found that 65% of respondents wanted to receive more commentary on their work from their colleagues.


That doesn’t mean that people and organisations are naturally good at it, or that the feedback received is necessarily effective. The recipient may not be open to change or willing to be vulnerable. The feedback itself could be the issue, especially if it’s not specific, authentic or delivered from a reliable source. These factors have a profound effect on whether feedback can lead to a change in working behaviours.


This podcast features three TPA coaches based in the US, Luciana Nunez, Eileen Cassidy and Jackie MacLeod. They discuss the importance of effective feedback, and how involving your colleagues in the process can improve your performance going forward.



The TPA Podcast – Executive Coaching Specialists · #7 – Feedback for performance


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