TPA Asia Event Report


Businesses today are increasingly operating in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) environment.  In December 2017 the TPA Asia team led a series of breakfast events in Shanghai and Hong Kong to discuss this topic with senior business leaders, specifically focusing on the challenges faced in Asia today and how coaching can help organizations navigate them successfully.




“Event was very classy, high end”


In Shanghai the discussion centred around Productivity and Innovation – with the main takeaways being..


  • . China continues to be in the ‘fast lane’, however growth has slowed down
  • . Companies need to work more efficiently and be more productive
  • . To differentiate themselves in the market, innovation is key. Not only product innovation, but also how to continuously improve


And in Hong Kong there was more of a focus on leading millennials in the workplace.  Discussed here were the common observations that, in general, millennials appear to..


  • . Expect faster advancement
  • . Look for roles that create impact
  • . Believe they can achieve anything they want, but in reality experience that it takes time to build up and that companies do not only need leaders
  • . Become easily restless and need more frequent stimulation and inspiration to keep performing in their jobs
  • . Look for different motivational drivers (e.g. better work life balance, social cause, etc.)


During both events we practised an exercise called ‘Strengths and Overplay’, which we use in 1:1 and team coaching situations. Every participant gained useful insights about themselves. It’s a practical and simple exercise with fast learning for individuals and also effective for building trust among team members.


Also introduced at the events was TPA’s new coaching offering, Coaching-On-Demand (COD) which we have recently launched in Asia.


Coaching-on-Demand targets Future Leaders and High Potentials in an organization. It is a structured 1:1 coaching process based on our TPA expertise, systems and tools. Our Executive Coaches support the coachee over a defined time to “unlock their individual performance to drive business performance”.




  • . Establishes personal and professional branding as a leader
  • . Increases self-awareness, provides personal and professional insights and clear action plans
  • . Use of bespoke coaching tools enables coachee to sustainably self-regulate for continued high performance post coaching





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