The Preston Associates Leadership Digest: Tackling Imposter Syndrome & Key Insights


Our Key Insights from Coaching this Month

Leading across generations. In our executive coaching conversations all over the world, a universal theme has emerged: for the first time in history, 5 distinctly different generations are sharing the workplace, which brings both challenges and opportunities. These 5 generations bring diverse values, habits and worldviews. Even though this rich tapestry can lead to an engaging and enriching workplace, at the moment the dynamics between generations are leading to frictions and missed opportunities, especially in the context of hybrid and remote work. In the coming weeks we will share with you some exciting news on how we will help leaders tackle this latent topic.


Clarity is something we can create: in a world where “certainty” is no longer an option, many of our recent coaching engagements have focused on how leaders can actually create clarity by defining what success looks like upfront and then co-creating the path to get there with their teams. This includes the important work to define what we know, what we don’t know and what we can’t know because it is in fact “unknowable”, and therefore it becomes a risk-management and risk tolerance conversation. This is actually a simple approach, but it requires the discipline and quality time of leadership teams coming together for meaningful strategic work to create clarity and alignment.


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