Individual Coaching

1:1 coaching is at the heart of what we do. We coach highly talented individuals who wish to enhance their interpersonal impact and business performance.

Executive Coaching provides time to think.  Crucially, it offers space away from the office with complete confidentiality to explore important issues and enable strategic and leadership breakthroughs. Each Executive Coach at TPA wants to understand you as a person, your particular role, working within a business system. Working in the three interlocking areas of person, in role, in system is our foundation for coaching, whatever the presenting topic may be.


• Personal, professional and organizational opportunities for development and impact are clearly identified

• The coachee gains personal and professional insights with clear ‘call to action’

• Powerful coaching tools enable our clients to Lead with a Coaching Style for greater results


“My TPA coach has been incredibly helpful as I have been thinking through and dealing with complex business related issues as my role within the company has been shifting to a less active, more strategic role. Her counsel in guiding me to consider “where next” to focus my energy and skills toward finding and creating something beyond my company that is equally satisfying and productive has been invaluable. Her wise insights into human behavior have helped me and other executives within my company navigate challenging relationship issues. I recommend my coach without reservation….She is fantastic!!” Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Private Company


“I would say that the realization you helped me frame up was possibly the most helpful event I have experienced in years.  I feel a great debt of gratitude to you for this.” Senior Investment Management Consultant, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management