“I was fortunate to work with a coach during one of the most challenging assignments of my career. As a new Complex Director, and one of the few females in the role, I was selected to lead a difficult and under-performing complex; filled with aggressive and demanding personalities. My coach, most definitely, had a meaningful impact on my leadership skills which, in the end, produced a dramatic turnaround in the office, not only in the achievement of producing historic business goals, but allowing me to change the very culture of this location which led to my next promotion. The cultural change led naturally to a change in the reputation the office enjoyed in the community they served and within the corporation as a whole. I am truly grateful for the huge impact my coach had on my leadership growth. She is honest and genuine and her personable nature is refreshingly welcomed.”

Managing Director, Complex Manager
Wealth Management Merrill Lynch


Silicon Valley 

“For the past two years, my coach has been there for me every step of the way, helping me face business challenges and partnership issues, as well as, advising me how to become an effective  board member. She has also helped me think through strategic decisions and improve my presentation skills. She has always been incredibly responsive whenever business related emergencies have arisen. Her guidance has been invaluable and she has never steered me wrong. And beyond her considerable professional capabilities, she is a delight to work with!”

Co-founder, Billion + Company 


“The opportunity I got to benefit from my coaching is priceless!!
The coaching journey transformed me as a leader, as I became more mindful of my feelings and behaviors, as well as more aware of how others perceived me. My coach created a safe environment for me to reflect and practice with her. She also provided tools and support to build trust within my team, as a foundation for great performance!
Thank you again for this great coaching experience!”

Francoise Warin, Ph.D.
Sr. R&I Director – Yogurt Category, Danone – North America


Multi-National Investment Bank 

“When my team leadership style and succession planning collided, I had begun questioning everything I thought I knew. Somewhat despondent, I hired my coach for a year-long coaching process.  I am thrilled that less than six months in, she has helped me uncover blind spots, deepen my understanding of my partners’ strengths, develop new and practical skills, as well as remove roadblocks to further success and satisfaction.  She has known when to push and when to leave a gap.  Her understanding of humans is remarkable.  I enthusiastically recommend her.”

Executive Director, 35+ years


Real Estate Investment and Development Firm

“When the three of us began this process, I don’t think any one of us knew what to expect.  We started out working on our professional working relationship but wound up growing together personally.  Without our coach’s insightful, results oriented coaching, this would have been a very different process.  She quickly establishes trust, honesty, and openness. She personally conducted each 360-degree interview and provided in-depth individual profiles with strategies that emphasized each one of our strengths and areas for further growth.

Our sessions were productive, energizing and most of all, personal. Our coach took the extra step and facilitated group sessions where we shared our 360 feedbacks as a management team, opening our eyes not only to the way we think personally, but illuminating our colleagues thought process, points of view and values.  With her guidance, we have a better understanding of the unique perspective each of us brings to management decisions.  The outcome of this is that we are now able to constructively challenge each other and are better managers and leaders.  Individually, and collectively, she made it all possible.”

 Three Directors – New York


“Thank you for all of your support and guidance. I am positive the team is stronger and more focused as a result of your amazing input. Now we have to deliver it!”

COO, Managing Director
Barclays International


Multi-National Corporation 

“THANKS for all the SUPERB work and team coaching yesterday. It was a very important step in reshaping the future of the CMI team in North America. The approach surprised the team in a very positive way. It was not just another “cookie cutter” coaching session whereby the team “left” the learnings at the door upon leaving. Rather, the session was impactful, meaningful and infused the team with the necessary ingredients of trust, hope, inspiration, optimism and most importantly reignited the team partnership. It also equipped them with the necessary tools to provide honest feedback and to have difficult discussions. I am confident the team is positively getting back on track.”

Global Head of Consumer Market Insights


“From early on in our work together, my coach created high trust and made the entire engagement about “me”. Leveraging her business experience and coaching techniques, my coach provided me with invaluable insights from a broad 360 feedback process. She has a unique ability to be both challenging and extremely supportive as she got me outside my comfort zone. I would highly recommend TPA to anyone who’s looking for a coach to help them rise to the next rung (or rungs) on their career ladder.”

Senior Vice President
Lincoln Financial Group


“I thought you were extremely professional but personable, you were always very clear, stayed on point and didn’t let the group stray (which is very challenging!). Even though a lot happened in one day, I personally feel we accomplished a lot and left with a positive outlook…. and to be honest, I had no faith before yesterday.  You definitely changed that :)”

Manager, Consumer & Market Insights
Symrise: Scent & Care Division


Proprietary Trading Firm

“My coaching led to significant improvements in my relationships with my coworkers, reports, and managers.  This led to a direct improvement in my teams productivity and my ability to move projects forward which had big impacts across the company.  I found the experience truly enlightening, and am very grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the coaching process.”

Technology Manager, New York