Group Coaching

Group Coaching brings together ‘peers’ from across organizations or industry to think deeply about how to make greater impact, build a stronger support network across boundaries and develop coaching skills to collectively tackle live business issues while strengthening their authentic leadership style.


What we have observed ….

•  The ‘live’ peer-to-peer support changes how they think about being open to giving and receiving feedback

• They walk away energized with a new network of peers to rely on for support and idea sharing

• Mutual shared experience – learn from how others have dealt with a situation. Feeling that it isn’t just me who feels this way (e.g. impostor syndrome)

• An unconscious multiplier effect, whereby other people sharing their emotions and willingness to take risks to think and do things differently, encourages others to do the same



• Group coaching tackles common developmental themes or topics of interest gathered from our diagnostics

• Individuals engage in a dynamic learning experience as peers which builds trust and support and shapes a culture of cooperation and collaboration

• Leaders learn and apply coaching tools & skills to coach each other on ‘live’ business challenges and opportunities (no role playing)

• Common tools and new methods of operating are instilled in participants which creates a common language of leadership