Individual Executive Coaching

1:1 Coaching is at the heart of what we do. Externally provided coaching is increasingly seen as fundamental in talent development at all levels. Top leaders actively choose to be coached and want to coach their people.

Executive Coaching provides time to think. Crucially it offers space away from the office with complete confidentiality to explore important issues and enable strategic and leadership breakthroughs. Each Executive Coach at TPA wants to understand you as a person, your particular role, working within a business system. Working in the three interlocking areas of person, in role, in system is our foundation for coaching, whatever the presenting topic may be.


• Personal, professional and organizational opportunities for development and impact are clearly identified

• The coachee gains personal and professional insights with clear action plans

• Powerful coaching tools create a better coach and leader



“My coach has the ability to “put his finger in the wound” in a gentle, respectful and challenging manner. I really appreciated the balance between empathetic listening and driving me to understand my own issues on the one hand and sharing his vast experience, business acumen and knowledge of the environment leaders operate in on the other hand. The sessions were thought provoking, at times tough and always enjoyable”  MD – Barclays