What Is Executive Coaching?

It is a defined number of confidential one-to-one, team or group consultations that dramatically improve performance.

Coaching uses research-based psychological, business and interpersonal methodologies combined with commercial experience to unleash a client's full potential by:

  • Identifying and positively addressing commercial issues
  • Developing highly effective working relationships
  • Creating empowering plans of action to the benefit of clients, colleagues and the stakeholders of their organisations
  • Facilitating change and the adoption of new behaviours
  • Planning career goals and how to achieve them
  • Identifying and pursuing clearly defined goals
  • Aligning personal and professional values, beliefs and aspirations
  • Building on an individual's strength in order to identify that person's most effective inter-personal style
Who Needs an Executive Coach? +

Anyone with professional responsibility should consider executive coaching:

  • Managing directors, board members, entrepreneurs, partners, divisional heads and those managing others
  • Professionals at the top who would benefit from a confidential, impartial, supportive and experienced sounding board
  • Executives being groomed for success
  • Managers driving change or facing new professional challenges
  • Any professional wanting to improve their performance, clarity of vision, goals and directi
  • Those who want greater professional and personal satisfaction
  • Organisations keen to introduce a coaching culture
  • High net worth families facing inheritance and succession issues
Does It Work? +

The Fortune 1000 US companies using coaching for senior executives reported that:

  • Return on investment (ROI) per executive was an average of $100k — six times the cost of coaching over six to 12 month
  • 61% experienced higher job satisfaction
  • 44% developed greater commitment to the organisation
  • 28% improved quantifiable personal performance between $500k and $1m
  • Coaching programmes have achieved between 500 -   700% return on investment

Source: Fortune Magazine & ICF research

The Fortune 1000 US companies using coaching for senior executives also reported:

  • 77% significantly better working relationships with direct reports
  • 71% enhanced working relationship with boss
  • 63% improved teamwork
  • 52% more effective conflict resolution
  • 37% closer client relationships

Source: Fortune Magazine