Diagnostics & Measurement

All the work The Preston Associates does is designed to meet each client’s needs.

We identify and analyse a client's needs through a combination of diagnostics which include discussion, deep questioning and careful listening, 360° observations, skills gap analysis, custom created questionnaires and a variety of coaching skills and methods. We then create programmes to address the identified issues.

Measurement of return on investment is an area in which we continually invest and work closely with our clients. We have 3 session and 6 session feedback forms for 1:1 coaching in which we encourage quantitative and qualitative measurement. TPA’s 360 stakeholder reviews deliver hard-hitting feedback at the beginning of a programme, which can then be tracked at a later date as required. Team coaching has analysis after each session, and the Accelerated Change Programme™ measures the tangible financial improvements of a team over a 12-18 month period of coaching. We are always happy to explore with a client how to best develop an ROI strategy to meet internal reporting needs.